The Summertime Bucket List

Despite the chronic rain and humidity that has plagued our area, summer is upon us! Time to dust off the sun hat, grab a pair of sandals and sunblock because summer adventures await! One way to enjoy this sun-filled season is to create a summer bucket list so we compiled a list of fun activities we plan to do over the next few weeks. It’s nothing crazy. Here it goes:

1.)    Visit beer gardens including the new one that opened this spring at Harbor Point in Stamford;

2.)    Have a picnic  at the New Mill River Park;

3.)    Go whitewater rafting/canoeing;

4.)    Go rollerblading or biking at the beach;

5.)    Dress in our summer best and take a wine tour;

6.)    Visit Cabo and immerse ourselves in Mexican culture.

7.)    Dress like a rock star to go see Bret Michaels perform live at Alive at Five.

8.)    Ride a camel

Now that we’ve shared our list, tell us what’s your summer time bucket list.


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