My beat is style and wellness. I’m on a mission to eat clean, stay fit, and inspire others. Here I dish about style, healthy eating, travel, and unique finds in Connecticut, my home. I tell it like it is but with a bit of humor mixed in because who needs to be serious all the time? So read, comment and be inspired to create your own nook of happiness!

Enjoy my style? Visit my creative firm Chic Bytes, where I oversee inbound marketing campaigns for clients, and create content for the agency’s blog and marketing resources.


Author Bio

Valerie Chernetskyy (Blog Writer/Editor) is a professional writer, marketing consultant and graphic designer with a taste for good coffee and international cuisines. Currently, she lives in Connecticut with her husband Igor and Yorkie Beckham. Yes, after the soccer player David Beckham.

Disclaimer: All photos unless otherwise noted are the property of The Netski Beat blog. Please, provide credit if you wish to use any of our photos by linking it back to the blog. All written content published on this blog can not be republished, copied or used in any way without our written consent. Products featured in posts have either been purchased by me or given as free samples for the purpose of review and all opinions expressed are my own. Carefully read our Affiliate Disclosure.

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