A Twist to the Summertime Cookout: Themed is the Way to Go

This post was originally written in early May, prior to the creation of our blog site but still relevant as summer is in full effect.  In Connecticut, the colorful buds of spring are cropping up despite the chill that lingers in the air. This year the summer solstice falls on June 21st and brings with […]

When Your Travel Plans Go To Hell…Breathe Then Have A Drink

The months of carefully planning a week-long vacation in Mexico can easily go bust when the realization sets in as you’re checking-in at the airport that your husband’s passport expired four months ago! Your face drains of all blood and your heart pounds like a rapid drum in your chest. Suddenly the air becomes so […]

Landscape View of Resort Property in Cabo

The Summertime Bucket List

Despite the chronic rain and humidity that has plagued our area, summer is upon us! Time to dust off the sun hat, grab a pair of sandals and sunblock because summer adventures await! One way to enjoy this sun-filled season is to create a summer bucket list so we compiled a list of fun activities […]