Feeding the Creative Beast

Time to pop the champagne in celebration of the two year anniversary of the launch of The Netski Beat, which has evolved into more than just a blog for me. It’s a haven, a place where I’m free to showcase my creative capabilities and connect with others who share similar passions. That’s the beauty of […]

How to Host a Dessert Tasting Party for Summer

There is nothing we enjoy more than a moist cake filled with warm dark chocolate then topped with vanilla bean ice cream. Can you say heaven? While this may result in a few extra squats and lunges at the gym, it is well worth the punishment. Trust us. Did we mention the cake is soaked […]

Landscape View of Resort Property in Cabo

The Summertime Bucket List

Despite the chronic rain and humidity that has plagued our area, summer is upon us! Time to dust off the sun hat, grab a pair of sandals and sunblock because summer adventures await! One way to enjoy this sun-filled season is to create a summer bucket list so we compiled a list of fun activities […]