Hot Gift Ideas: The ‘It’ List in Beauty and Accessories this Season


I have something to confess. It’s a funny personality quirk of mine. As much as I love fashion—my wardrobe and shoe collection can attest to that fact— I hate going out to shop! The majority of my shopping is done online from the comfort of home with a hot cup of coffee and iPad in hand. It’s been years since I’ve made the mad dash to the stores in search of holiday gifts. I don’t forgo in-store shopping completely. I just avoid it like the plague during the holiday season. Who needs the stress of late-shopper desperation? Am I right? Regardless, I still splurge like the best for my loved ones and myself when it comes to gifts. The number one rule of holiday shopping, never forget to get at least one gift for yourself. Here is a list of my favorite items in beauty and accessories that make great gifts for any occasion and can be used year-round, which is always a plus!

1. Stuart Weitzman Demiswoon Boots


2. Henri Bendel Midnight Masquerade Cocktail Tray

Tip: You can use this not only for party hosting but also as a decorative tray for your desk to hold odds and ends or dresser to organize your jewelry.

3. C’est Mode Chic Pinstripe Scarf

Tip: View C’est Mode Chic’s lookbook,DIY: The Easy Way To Create A Faux Infinity Scarf.”

4. Botkier Soho Crossbody

Tip: You can carry this as either a crossbody bag or a clutch by detaching the straps to change-up your look. Very versatile!

5. Beats by Dr. Dre Solo 2 HD On-Ear Headphones

Tip: I recently snagged these on Black Friday. I absolutely love them! The sound is incredible. Only downside, I can’t wear them for too long because they pinch my ears. However, it’s still a good investment if you’re looking for quality sound when watching movies on a tablet or listening to music on an iPod.


6. Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream

Tip: Don’t over-do it with the cream. Just apply a small amount. It goes a long way.

7. Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Lip Color

Tip: Go with a color that flatters your complexion, not the color du jour that everyone is raving about. Since I have a chocolate skin tone, the bright red (Red Carpet) and red berry (Crushed Plum) work best when I want dramatic lips.

8.  Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner + Chanel Ultra Fine Eyeliner Brush #13.

Tip: You can’t use one without the other. Put a little drop of water in the cap then mix in the gel to set it in place before applying to your lid. With a steady hand and some practice, it becomes a lot more precise than applying with a pencil and easily glides across your lid without pulling the delicate skin in that area.


9. C’est Mode Chic Serpentine Headband Scarf

Tip: Great for those days when your edges or bangs are a ruinous mess. Honestly, winter is no friend to anyone’s hair.

10. Alma Necklace by Dana Betts

Tip: One of my favorite pieces of jewelry from my boutique. This vintage inspired necklace can be easily dressed-up or down and works especially well with silver hoop earrings. See how I styled it here on Instagram.



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