Happy Birthday: The Netski Beat Turns One!


A year ago today, I started The Netski Beat to nurture one of my favorite passions which is writing. Ever since I was a small child, writing was my first creative outlet and in many ways my haven. I would get lost in the process of writing to the point nothing else mattered but the words being created on paper. When I was nine years-old, I received my first journal as a birthday gift from my step-father. This is when my writing took on a life of its own. At first, I wrote about my day then gradually I progressed to poetry and short stories many of which I recycled for school assignments.

Now, I am 30 years-old and writing remains one of the best ways I know how to express myself. This blog has been my little nook of happiness and has laid the foundation for my fashion accessories brand C’est Mode Chic. I look forward to the day when running The Netski Beat and C’est Mode Chic becomes my only career but for now I juggle three jobs. However, my current day job doesn’t allow for the type of free-flowing creativity that feeds my soul but it does pay the bills. On the other hand, this blog does so much in fueling my spirit it makes up for the unpleasant aspects of life.

I am grateful to our readers who have put up with the sporadic posts and inconsistent photo quality as I work through the kinks of managing a blog. Cheers to each of you for supporting The Netski Beat! I hope my blog inspires you to follow your dreams and carve out your corner of happiness in the world. Merci, mes amis! Bon weekend!

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