Turning 30 Isn’t So Bad. It’s Great!

Hey! It’s Valerie here. Want to know a secret? I turned 30 yesterday. As I say “so long” and “goodbye” to my twenties, I feel incredibly relieved that one, I didn’t find any wrinkles or grays yet, and two, I’ve survived this significant decade in my life to become the person I am today. I’ve lost some friends along the way, had my heart broken numerous times, struggled to find a descent job after the financial collapse, and feuded bitterly with family members but I bounced backed from each of these challenges optimistic that tomorrow would be better.

Now, I know exactly who I am. I consciously choose to surround myself with individuals that have a positive influence in my life and keep away from those who don’t (this took some time to understand). I have learned that forgiveness is not a single act but something that is done daily. I discovered snowboarding in my twenties; the most exhilarating sport I have ever done. I never know what to do with myself once the season is over. Marriage is not as I imagined it would be, it’s even better but like most things in life worth having, it requires work and, at times, compromise.

What have I gained from my twenties you may ask?

  • wisdom
  • a deeper appreciation for my family and the friends that truly matter
  • a business fueled by my passion that I’m working hard to grow
  • the feeling that I have finally found my place in the world.

Not bad for 30. Let’s drink to being 30 and fabulous. Cheers!


3 thoughts on “Turning 30 Isn’t So Bad. It’s Great!

  1. I love this post so much. As Cameron Diaz said, “There is no such thing as anti aging, if you’re not aging, you are dead.” I am happy with the wisdom I’ve picked up along the way; I don’t think I would go back to being 22. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


    • Thanks, Meg! Can’t really avoid aging. Personally, I believe we get better as we age so why not embrace it? As fun as my early twenties were, I would not want to relive it for anything. I was so awkward, rebellious and, still trying to figure out who I was. I would rather not go there again.


  2. I agree with you! I am much more sure of myself now and confident in who I am. I know how to stand up for myself and look to what is really important in life. I love your positive attitude!


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