Step into Spring with a Solid Shoe Game

Bring your ‘A’ game. It’s sandal season! Time to treat your winter worn hands and feet with a trip to the spa for a much needed manicure and pedicure. Be honest with yourself. When was the last time your feet saw the light of day or basked in the warm rays of the sunshine. Mind drawing a blank because you can’t remember, can you? Regardless, game time is approaching. Your tootsies need to be in top form for what is going to be a great season for shoes. Are you ready? Here is our line-up of high-flying shoe styles fit to compete in both spring and summer.

‘Strappy’ high heel sandals: In the hue of the season, these blue beauties are vibrant and not as painful on your feet thanks to the mini platform, a trend popping up in many shoes this season.


Cutout booties: They are cute and edgy while flashing just the right amount of skin but not too much.


Wedge sandals: They are far more comfortable for longer wear and in a basic color that goes with the majority of spring and summer outfits.


T-strap sandals: A timeless shoe silhouette that oozes subtle sexiness.


That wraps up our shoe musings for now. Au Revoir!

3 thoughts on “Step into Spring with a Solid Shoe Game

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