Stylish Fashion Trends That Make Us Love Winter

It’s hard to believe but winter is out and spring is in. Didn’t winter get the text message? Regardless, the first official day of spring is here.

While I love spring, I worship winter so it is with sadness I watch the curtain drop on the chilly season which conjures fond memories of the crisp and refreshing touch of wintry air; the stillness that descends after a snow storm, before the shoveling and morning commute swallows it up; and the beauty of trees devoid of all foliage but adorned with jewels of ice and snow.  For a snowboarder such as me, the fresh powder days of ripping it on the mountain are at an end, at least until next winter.


Winter has its ups and downs much like any season; we revel in its splendor until we grow tired of the monotony and crave something new. Before we kick winter to the curb and open our doors to spring, let’s reminiscent on the fashion trends that make it possible to simultaneously love and hate winter.

  • Wool scarves
  • Leather jackets
  • Tall boots (you have to trek through the snow somehow)
  • Chunky sweaters (because how else are you going to hide the fact that you’ve slacked off on working out)
  • Vibrant wool coats
  • Large handbags
  • Hats (the silly and the colorful because those are more fun, right?)

2 thoughts on “Stylish Fashion Trends That Make Us Love Winter

  1. For me, leather jackets are all I want to wear in spring and fall – this winter it’s been too cold for me to wear anything but my ski jacket! Looking forward to the variety in my wardrobe I can enjoy when the temperature gets a little warmer 🙂 Love the picture collage!!


    • Thanks, Meghan! If you add layers underneath like a cardigan sweater, scarf, hat and gloves it can keep you warm. For me I usually wear my leather jackets in the fall and winter. They are on the heavier side so wearing them in the spring can be uncomfortably hot.


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