Get Ready For It! New York Fashion Week Starts!

Try as we might, the fashion industry is always several seasons ahead of us. Thus, it is no surprise that while we drudge through snow, get sucked into a polar vortex and hammered by bitter wind chills, the fashion world will debut its 2014 Fall/Winter collections this week.

Starting Thursday, the opulence and luxury of New York Fashion Week hosted by Mercedes-Benz will take center stage at Lincoln Center. We at the Netski Beat lament the fact that we won’t be attending the runway shows in person. Obviously, our invitations must have gotten lost in snail mail or accidentally dropped in our spam folder. However, our disappointment is slightly minimized by the fact that the shows will be streaming live on New York Fashion Week Live, one of the best resources for fashion enthusiasts/addicts like us. There is a definite perk to watching the runway shows in the warm comfort of home clad in our PJs (stylish ones, mind you) with a hot cup of coffee in hand or a chilled martini if it’s after 4 p.m. (after all, we are civilized).

We’d love to watch all the runway shows, better yet attend all of them, but there is that pesky thing called a day-job and the other not so annoying project of launching our fashion start-up, C’est Mode Chic, that consumes all free time including sleep. As a result, sacrifices must be made.

During this fashion-packed week, we’ll focus our attention on the runway shows of our favorite designers right now—BCBGMAXAZRIA (10 a.m., Feb. 6), Diane Von Furstenberg (5:00 p.m., Feb. 9), Badgley Mischka (10 a.m., Feb. 11), Michael Kors (10 a.m., Feb. 12) and Clover Canyon (5:30 p.m., Feb. 12). Here’s why we love these five distinct lines.

  • BCBGMAXAZRIA: dazzles us with on-trend collections that are chic, fresh and sleek.
  • Diane Von Furstenberg: hypnotizes us with bold patterns and stylish reiterations of the wrap dress each season.
  • Clover Canyon: seduces us with daring architectural prints rich with color and artsy flair.
  • Badgley Mischka: feeds our vintage tastes with tailored and sophisticated silhouettes that are classically feminine and pay tribute to Old-Hollywood style. We’re still salivating over the Spring 2014 collection.
  • Michael Kors: reinterprets jet-setter style mixed with an air of refined edginess.


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