Girls Night Out Done With Style

One of my favorite events of the year was Serendipity Magazine Girls Night Out, held on Wednesday at the Loading Dock in Stamford. It was a night filled with shopping, cocktails, and a fashion show featuring the hottest trends this season. Tickets were about $70 and proceeds from the event went to benefit the Canary Kids Film Project by Epidemic Answers, a nonprofit organization providing information and resources to parents, relatives, and caregivers of children with chronic illnesses.

My close friend Meghan and I attended the posh soiree, where we filled our bellies with wine and, of all things, grilled octopus! I stopped counting how many I had after three. I know what you’re thinking but it was deliciously prepared by friendly Executive Chef David Snyder of Char Restaurant in Greenwich, which I will definitely make a stop at for a more thorough dining experience (look out for a write-up of it soon). The delicate dance of flavors in my mouth of the grilled octopus layered with watercress, potatoes and a drizzle of lemon oregano dressing was superb!

GNOFSCollageIMG_1897There were several runway outfits that fit seamlessly with the upcoming holiday season.

The killer pair of shoes spotted that night was Joie’s Clayton Heels in black— a super sexy and sophisticated pair of cutout booties. These shoes require a bit of an investment but it certainly tops the list of fall favorites.

One of the oddities of the evening was the crowd surrounding the table showcasing E. L. James’ Fifty Shades of Grey Wine Collection, which was available in two blends —White Silk and Red Satin and each bottle emblazoned with the phrase “You Are Mine.” Honestly, I was skeptical at first but after trying their Red Satin Syrah blend, I was pleasantly surprised by its smooth oaky taste. It’s okay for a red and worth trying if you can get it for free, but it could be better in quality to justify the $17.99 per bottle price tag.

The ultimate surprise (at least for me considering I never win anything uselful) came when I won the raffle by Circa for a gorgeous pair of David Yurman blue topaz earrings. 


Overall, it was an entertaining night among great company. Thanks, Serendipity! See you next year.

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