Cabo: Paradise on Earth You Say? Definitely!

To say Cabo San Lucas is a beautiful place is an understatement. That wouldn’t do it justice. It’s paradise, especially if you’re spending you’re vacation at one of its oceanfront resorts. We spent an incredible week in July at the Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Resort, an adult only all-inclusive destination with a private beach, fantastic landscape and impeccable service. The beaches in Cabo are breathtaking. The sound of the ocean crashing on the sand is a melodious call luring you into immediate relaxation and bliss. However, the waves are treacherous even for the best of swimmers so if you’re advised not to swim in a particular area then don’t. No joke.

The people in Mexico are friendly. The culture and food is intoxicating. Your senses come alive with the taste of fresh salsa on your tongue. The warm burst of flavors erupting in your mouth of braised chicken in mole sauce is orgasmic.

Cabo is one of the few places on earth where most days of the year the weather is warm and sunny. Luckily, we enjoyed five beautiful days of sunshine and dry desert heat, which I didn’t mind being as my hair tends to turn into a frizzy bird nest when there is even a hint of moisture in the air. High humidity is no friend to either my hair or oily-skinned face so I was a happy camper while in Cabo.

There are countless activities to occupy your time in this small piece of heaven on earth.  Besides the usual lazy lounge at the pool area, or the afternoon naps in the beach beds, we opted to add parasailing, jet skiing, camel riding and sailing to our daily vacation agenda. All of which we found enjoyable during our short breather from the real world. We did a four-hour sailing trip along the pacific, which included gorgeous views of El Arco, Lover’s Beach and Divorce Beach. Our tour guide told us with a hint of mischief twinkling in his eyes that the best way to get rid of an unwanted spouse was to visit Divorce Beach and leave him or her there, problem solved. We stayed clear of that place. Also, we did a camel safari arranged by Cabo Adventures (the company organized our sailing trip as well). I highly recommend using them. Prior to our camel ride along the beach, we did a nature walk through the Mexican outback, where we spotted the “Jesus Tree” as it’s known in Cabo. This tree has an ash-like color and, as you’d expect, no leaves on its spindly branches. The most interesting part of this tree is that its sap has the intense red color and texture of blood. The sap is even used as a natural dye for body art in Mexico.

Overall, our stay in Cabo was amazing but be warned— many of the resorts are aggressive in trying to sell timeshares to travelers. You have to say ‘no’ several times and may endure an hour or so of their sales pitch. I think the sales representative we met during our vacation was more frustrated with us than we were with him. Still he was nice about it. The hubby and I were in no way interested in purchasing a timeshare, we only wanted the parasailing vouchers we were promised in exchange for listening to a sales presentation at one of the neighboring resorts in the area. Another tricky little sales tactic the resorts use to lure you is alcohol and lots of it. They do their spiel and you drink, which can go on for hours if you let it. However, all the mimosas they poured in our flutes did not convince Igor and I to buy a timeshare but we did manage to go parasailing for free, after the mimosas had worn away.

2 thoughts on “Cabo: Paradise on Earth You Say? Definitely!

  1. Oh wow, I can’t believe you sat through one of those time share presentations!! But I am sure the parasailing was amazing! I went paragliding over forest cliffs in New Zealand and it was pretty wild! I loved your description of your vacation – you should put up a few photos as well!


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